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Words are powerful. They can be used to build relationships, attract customers and talent, and showcase products and services. It's also important to know that it takes the right words in the right places to make an impact.

I am a professional copywriter with over 10 years of experience creating compelling content for her clients. Her copywriting skills span across multiple industries, and she is well-versed in various types of content creation, from long form blogging to targeted social media campaigns. Shannon is passionate about helping companies reach their goals through her words and has a deep understanding of how to craft messages that capture attention and ignite action.

Whether it’s crafting recruitment materials, developing website content, or creating social media posts, I'll help companies speak to their audiences in a way that is both authentic and effective. I understand the importance of a well-executed digital marketing strategy and am passionate about helping businesses achieve their goals.


đź’ˇB2B & B2C | Inbound | Digital Marketing
đź’ˇSocial Media Strategies
đź’ˇEmail Marketing and Drip Campaigns
đź’ˇLead Generation with Sales Nav
đź’ˇContent Writing - Blogs, social posts, articles, etc.
đź’ˇOnline Research
đź’ˇTalent Sourcing
đź’ˇEmployer Brand Development
đź’ˇRelationship Building

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